Jacob Engel

Jacob M Engel

founder & CEO of Yeda LLC

Jacob is the founder & CEO of Yeda LLC, which helps CEOs and Executive Teams reach Higher Effectiveness.
He is the author of \"The Prosperous Leader\" which is available on Amazon. (Audio as well).

Recently he wrote a short book \"The Ten Commandments of Family Business Succession\". (Available on Amazon).

Jacob is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners succeed in their businesses. His mission is to empower leaders and managers through giving them the knowledge to change (Yeda\" in Hebrew is knowledge) and helping them implement the changes in their organizations.

Jacob is a Certified Myers Briggs evaluator, Certified 7 Habits for highly effective people facilitator, Certified Positive Psychology coach and trained with Roy Cammarano, Author and Consultant on his Entrepreneurial Transitions theory.

Previously Jacob was the COO of a 200MM family food and real estate enterprise.