Ania Grimone

Ania Grimone
Mastering Transitions Coaching

Ania has been teaching people how to successfully deal with change, care for themselves, prevent and reverse illness and life drama and hack their minds and behavior for over 20 + years, including a 17 year tenure at a teaching hospital’s integrative medicine.

 She thinks of herself as a Change Mechanic, constantly adjusting various aspects of behavior for best performance. 

Ania holds a degree in Organization and Management, Masters in Oriental Medicine, Change Management Certification from Cornell University, and is a CTI Certified Co-Active Coach and a health coach.

Her career spans advertising, fashion modeling, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, life and health coaching, corporate culture initiatives, teaching and public speaking and developing functional foods as a business owner and CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer). She has lived and worked in six countries in four different industries. She transitioned from the runways of Chanel and Armani to business of fashion advertising, teaching at an academic level, working as a clinician at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago and developing cutting edge functional foods for enhancing peoples’ daily lives. Ania draws on a rich experience working successfully with people of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and circumstances. 

Her teaching style is based on a philosophy that knowledge without implementation is useless, so she prioritizes understanding and application, teaching through lifes’ experiences. 

Her mission is to transform fear into a force for positive change. To stop managing stress and learn to live without it. To become emotionally bulletproof, physically sound and experience pleasure without apology.

Regardless of the topic, you are sure to gain a unique perspective on the subject, as can only be presented by someone of such a rich, varied cultural, academic and experiential background. 

When you combine a scientist with a tree hugger, endurance athlete with a life lover and a poet, logic with emotion, the practical with the theoretical, the drive with the curiosity, and the desire to learn with the desire to teach, you may get a sense of who your instructor is.