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Alison Henderson

Like the leaders she trains, body language expert Alison Henderson is constantly seeking to improve her communication skills. While there is no magic bullet for achieving better presence on the stage and in our conference rooms, better nonverbal behavior can be learned and practiced until real magnetism and authenticity are achieved.

With over two decades of training and teaching movement, Alison has developed proven strategies for improving body language signals you give to others and for reading body language signals others give to you. As one of less than thirty Certified Movement Pattern Analysts in the world, Alison combines her unique specialty with an engaging, energetic style which brings clients back and keeps them motivated to their success.

Alison knows you can’t change behavior without experiencing how the change makes you feel. Therefore, Alison uses all her experience as a theater director to infuse her programs with fun, interactive and fast-paced exercises. You will be surprised at how quickly you are “Listening With Your Eyes!”

Alison has served a wide range of industries including financial, law, event and hospitality, start up and even the military! She has partnered with the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois, the Illinois CPA Society, the Military Entrance Processing Exam, Northwestern Mutual, Merrill Lynch and many others. Alison continues to serve the best and brightest leaders and is also a key contributor to the Labanarium in London and teaches for the College of DuPage.

The top three topics will probably have a larger audience to start.

  • Body Language for Executive Presence.
  • Powerful Body Language For Women- Beyond Pant Suits and Power Poses.
  • Presentation Body Language Skills for Speakers- using the body to make the most of every word.